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Solid waste management

Documents include important office documents, manuscripts, archives, telegrams, letters, drawings and other graphic materials of the company in the past. Because most companies have a weak sense of confidentiality, the paper documents accumulated by the companies are simply handled, sold to waste collection stations or even directly thrown into the garbage dump. It provides a sufficient source of information for intelligence personnel who specialize in collecting business secret information from waste documents. Collecting and processing waste paper documents can learn a lot of important and even confidential information about enterprises. Paper documents contain business secrets of the company and need to be destroyed safely. For paper documents containing confidential and important information, carry out the destruction process of crushed cargo melt to ensure that the information cannot be restored, and issue a destruction process certificate. After professional processing, the hidden dangers of leaks of numerous paper documents accumulated by the enterprise are eliminated, and the safety of commercial secrets is ensured. Dispose of them in accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of State Secrets" and the "State Secrets Law" and implementation rules.

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